Leadership Team

Our founders have decades of experience in both managing all kinds of surface equipment and designing and building innovative equipment including wellheads, valves, and trees. Investors behind Scout are some of the foremost leaders in the industry who are passionate about helping us support our customers into solving the industry’s challenges through innovative engineering and design while maximizing life and use out of existing assets.

Our Team


Chris Koch (“Coach”)

EVP Operations

Chris is the co-founder and has served as Executive Vice President of Operations since its founding in late 2018. For over 20 years he has worked on and co-developed new surface equipment and designed plant and field operations all with the goal of increasing efficiency. Having worked directly for E&P operators and OFS companies in many North American regions as well as globally, Chris has a perspective on and understanding of the operational drivers on both sides of the industry. His integrity and straight up approach has allowed him to work with many visionary oil and gas leaders and has enabled him to build great teams that understand the changing complexity of today’s oil and gas development.