Providing Innovative Solutions and Products For All Your Surface Equipment Needs

About Scout Surface

We founded Scout Surface Solutions to help operators and service providers in managing, repairing, and designing their surface equipment. At Scout, we believe that there are unmet needs in the industry today in both maintaining and extending the life of surface assets as well as designing new generation equipment catered to the high-pressure and high-decline unconventional oil and gas world. While we handle all surface needs of our customers, we especially have a lot of experience and expertise with fracturing and production valves, high-pressure pressure control, well heads, and Christmas trees.  Most importantly, we want to partner with our customers to provide solutions for their surface requirements.

Together we can do more

  • We are not focused on top line service revenue, which allows us to create a tailored equipment management solution to better control the costs associated with equipment damage.
  • Independent advice for best surface solutions be it rental, lease to own, or direct purchase from any service provider or manufacturer.
  • Our centrally located facility provides easy access to all basins in Texas and Oklahoma. We also have sufficient storage to manage and store customer inventory.

You bought it! “Let’s use it”

  • Hundreds of millions are spent each year on surface equipment with very little understanding of how to re-use, repair, and maintain them once off the well.
  • Working together in a trusted manner, we will help diagnose your assets and property and find ways to implement programs for back-to-field use.